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UP! 3D Printing software

UP! functions include:


  • STL input and UP3 output
  • 3D viewing
  • Model transform( Move, rotate, scale)
  • Automatic and manual models placement
  • Fast and automatic support generation
  • Model slicing
  • One-touch printing




UP! software simplify all steps in 3D printing process, helping you print 3D model conveniently.

  1. Integrate all step of 3D print. Load STL and press “Print”, you will get a solid model after a few hours.
  2. The simplest 3d print software. Everyone can use it in several minutes.
  3. Extremely user-friendly, mouse operation and big icon toolbar control all functions.
  4. A few parameter need input.
  5. Automatic generate support struction and supports can be removed easily.
  6. Error-tolerant slicing Algorithm, most stl errors do not need repair.

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