Dear Uppers,

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new website, the Beta Version.

Ever since we released our first generation of UP 3D printer in 2010, has been our central hub for all the Uppers for more than 5 years. It is the time that we rethink of the future of UP 3D Printer, and hence the will be focusing on users of UP 3D Printers. We will create a global community for all the Uppers around the world to innovate, to share ideas and, most importantly, to have fun.

Building is an ongoing process, and it needs a lot of efforts and patience. There will be a lot of imperfections if you look at it from different perspectives, and we need the helps from every one of the Uppers to make this website a more pleasant place for ourselves. We have lots of plans for it, and new features will be added from time to time. will be phased off gradually, and it will be used for other purposes in the future. For now, all the accounts on will be migrated automatically to For detail of the migration, please visit the forum in or

If you experience problems logging in to, have issues with other features, suggestions or questions, please contact us via email, or post your problems in the forum of

Happy printing

Team Tiertime

Dec. 29, 2015

Micro Factory For Anyone Anywhere Anytime!
UP! software

UP! is the Personal Portable 3D Printer software. UP! can load STL file, view 3d model, and move, rotate, scale it. Learn more from Quick Start Guide


Download UP!(V1.16) and UP for Mac (V1.3)

What's new in 1.16 & 1.3 :

1. Automatic Unit Conversion. The loaded models are automatically enlarged 25.4 times if the sum of XYZ size is less than 15.
2. Repeat print the last model. The function is in "Tool" menu.
3. Quick view switch. The T/B/R/L/F/K/A keys represent Top/Bottom/Right/Left/Front/Back/Fit view. CTRL+T/B/R/L/F/K/A in Mac OS.

Update in 1.16 & 1.3:

1. Vertical calibrate in Mac.
2. Print button on the toolbar in Mac.
3. Fix the bug that the raft added with "No raft" option when verify the model size.
4. Simplified Chinese language is supported in windows version.
5. More ways to control view in windows version, move mouse with left button or ctrl + direction to rotate view, and move mouse with right button or direction key to move view.

Download UP!(V1.15) and UP for Mac (V1.2)

Updating for V1.15 & V1.2(Mac) :

1. Check whether there is an air layer after slicing. if so, the printer will stop the printing process.
2. Check the vertical calibration parameters, the parameter which is too large will be forced to set to zero. (Mac version does not have the function)
3. Fix the stop running bug when starts to send the print data. (Only version of windows has the problem)
4. Platform can drop down 4cm automatically when suspense or terminate the printing.
5. Fixes the bug that the material record can't be updated in Mac version.
6. The main menu preheating keeps for 15 minutes, adds the platform preheating options in the maintenance dialog box for time extension to 1 hour.
7. Fix the bug that can not read the parameter stored in the SD card in some cases.
8. The function of setting nozzle height moves to the "Print" dialog box.

Download UP!(V1.14) and UP for Mac (V1.1)

Verison 1.14

1. Fix the bug that the material setting can't update immediately.

New Feature:
1. Extrude or withdraw when print pause.
2. Show the platform's position at maintenance dialog box.
3. Preheat time is limited to up to 15 minutes, prevent the waste of energy.

1. An inspect app, named "UPInpsector.exe", which is installed in the same folder as the UP.exe. It can show many information about the printer and do some test.
2. Spare part (Version 4) of UP! printer, installed in the "up/example/UP spare part" folder.

UP for Mac (V1.1)

Add many same function as the windows version. and user manual will update before Sept 2011.

Download UP!(V1.13)

Verison 1.13 Update:

1. Show the system infomation in the about dialog box.
2. Add 2 lines in the raft layer to prevent warping at corner.
3. Update Rom file to V6.03. Please using the V6.01 for ABS and V6.02 for PLA if the firmware version is less than 3.0.
4. The fill and support angle is showed in graphic mode in the setup dialog box.
5. Add a stop button in the toolbar to stop the print.
6. The material option is move to the "New spool" function in the maintain dialog box.
7. Fix the bug that the "extrude/withdraw" function always use the temperature of ABS.
8. Add "Pause" button to pause or resume the print in the maintenance dialog box. The XYZ axises can move, but the extrude and withdraw are disabled when pause.
9. Install the spare models in the example folder.

Newest! Download UP For Mac(V1.0)

Download UP!(V1.12)

Verison 1.11 & 1.12 Update:

1. Auto fix the facet normal(red facet)
2. Merge multiple models into one.
3. Save all loaded models.
4. Copy models, add 1/2/3/4/5/8 copies.
5. Set the extruder & platform temperature with materials option. ABS(270/105) and PLA(200 / 50)
6. Add "No Raft" option, ignore the base support.
7. Fix the dubug that the oldest printer can't calibrate after update ROM. (V1.12)
8. Decrease the scan speed of first layer with "No Raft" option. (V1.12)

Download UP!(V1.11)

please download and try it. Download UP!(V1.10)

Version 1.10 Update:

1. Fix the Firmware V2.0 Write/Read error.
2. Add "Update Rom" function, update the parameters and programs of UP! printer.
3. Replace the old driver with WinUSB driver, Support 64bit Windows system. Please uninstall the old driver manually, then install the WinUSB dirver in "UP\Dirver" fold.

Previous version:

Download UP!(V1.09)

Version 1.09 Update:

1. Fix the bug that the estimated time is shorter than real print time.
2. Save some parameters in the SD card( include Nozzle Height, Calibrate, Materials), but the feature only is supported by firmware V2.0 .
3. Show the size of model and printer if the model is out of print envelope. The envelope will decrease 0~3mm after vertical calibration.
4. Add a option in print dialog box: "Heat platform after finish", only supported by the firmware V2.0. The Printer will keep heating platform for XX minutes after print.

Download UP!(V1.08)

Version 1.08 Update:
1. Repare the bug that the print parameter can't be save immediately.
2. Add material count. Automatically decrease the material weight after printing. A warning dialog box will popup, if the ABS isn't enought.
3. Add verticality calibrate function to ensure the verticality between axes.

Download UP!(V1.07)

Version 1.07 Update:
1. Add a edit spin and a "Set to Nozzle Height" button in "Maintian" dialog.
2. Add "Restore Default" function in "Setting" dialog.
3. Optimize scan path to reduce the melt of tiny struction on top of model.
4. Add Preview function to estimate print time and used materials.
5. Show printer status and remain print time in status bar.

Download UP!(V1.06)

V1.06 support another format: UP3, UP3 is compressed STL file(12%~18% of original file). Please select file type option in file dialog.

Example 3D Models(the parts of UP! 3D Printer). Download Models(UP3) or Download Models(STL)

The optical switches will be replaced with mechanical switches, the up part upgrate to V3 Download V3 UP Models

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