Dear Uppers,

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new website, the Beta Version.

Ever since we released our first generation of UP 3D printer in 2010, has been our central hub for all the Uppers for more than 5 years. It is the time that we rethink of the future of UP 3D Printer, and hence the will be focusing on users of UP 3D Printers. We will create a global community for all the Uppers around the world to innovate, to share ideas and, most importantly, to have fun.

Building is an ongoing process, and it needs a lot of efforts and patience. There will be a lot of imperfections if you look at it from different perspectives, and we need the helps from every one of the Uppers to make this website a more pleasant place for ourselves. We have lots of plans for it, and new features will be added from time to time. will be phased off gradually, and it will be used for other purposes in the future. For now, all the accounts on will be migrated automatically to For detail of the migration, please visit the forum in or

If you experience problems logging in to, have issues with other features, suggestions or questions, please contact us via email, or post your problems in the forum of

Happy printing

Team Tiertime

Dec. 29, 2015

Micro Factory For Anyone Anywhere Anytime!
UP! printers are in testing
Friday, 15 October 2010 17:26

There are many stories behind every UP! printer. Stories before they are delivered, and stories after they reach their users. Of course, most of the stories will be created by their users. Their users will go through various of experience with the UP! printer. OK, now I would like to share one of the stories before every UP! printer is shipped.

We will have a 72 hours of non-stop testing for every UP! printer before they are shipped. This is to make sure the quality of every UP! printer, and to make sure they can work successfully for their users. They have to run without a pause according to our special program and print things on and on. Do you know what the non-stop actually means? It means non-stop testing in total 72 hours.

In the above, a picture of UP! printers in the testing is obvious seen.They are doing a veryyyy great job. And the UP! printers are especially beautiful when the sunshine comes in through windows.

The article previously showed on main page
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 13:17

All has been perfect. In these few days, UP!'s users have printed many beautiful models. I think they must enjoy this convenient and easy to use 3D printer. We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to those enthusiastic UPers, Whystler, Linkreincarnate, J, Bo, Virtox and the others. It is your support that makes our perfect start come true.

We were inspired by Stratasyss system, and UP! Printer is our contribution to the world of FDM 3D printing . But our product is different with any existing system, it is a brand-new and revolutionary progress. We believe our printer will help more and more people realize their design and thought. UP! Printer will eliminate obstacles of manufacture, so that people are free to design and turn their idea into reality.

A review of UP! 3D printer by linkreincarnate : up personal portable 3d printer review.

Another review by Whystler: Review of the UP! 3D Printer

UP!printer| Christmas and New Years' promotion
Monday, 11 October 2010 00:08

Hello everyone,

Now it is nearly the end of 2010. Approaching the greatest festival, Christmas day and New Years Day, and here is good news to everyone. We have a special promotion for every Individual user at this very exciting period. Rules and methods for Christmas and New Years promotion are as follows.

Newest price of UP! printer
Monday, 11 October 2010 00:00

Now this is the newest price of UP! printer.

1. A Plus UP! printer for 2890 USD. It is equipped with extra 0.2 and 0.4mm layer thickness option, and automated feeder. The automated feeder is composed of ABS components, circuit board, limit switch and DC motor.

2. A Basic UP! printer which is equipped with 0.25, 0.3, and 0.35mm layer thickness, no 0.2 and 0.4mm layer thickness and automated feeder. But the UP! printer can also run without the automated feeder, and no require to buy other components.

3. We provide discount for anyone who purchases more UP! printers. Meanwhile, we have a special discount for educational institution.

4. We offer one year quality guarantee for printer components. We maintain or replace UP! printer components for free, but users should send the replaced parts back to us. We cover one-way mailing cost for printer parts replacement and maintenance.

UP! online shop
Saturday, 09 October 2010 17:52

Hello everyone,

Now the PP3DP online shop has been constructed. It will be available in Monday. Now there are only four products, we will have more products updating.

You are welcomed here, and happy printing.

National day of PRC
Thursday, 30 September 2010 14:36

Hello UPers,

Tomorrow is the National day of PRC, and we will have a seven days holiday. What an exciting holiday. On hearing the holidays coming, I feel a sense of relax. I will enjoy my time off, and everyone in PP3DP will have a great holiday.

We will come back at Oct 8th. During our holiday, our email address is still available. Anyone has anything with his UP! printer or any other things, please write to us.

Every best wishes to all UP! operators. Thanks for all your support.

PP3DP team

Solution to clear the heated platform
Thursday, 30 September 2010 11:46

I think nearly all UP! operators know how to paint the heated platform. But after several times paint and repaint, the coat on the platform have to be cleared. Do they know how to remove the coat off the platform? Actually I feel hard to remove it whether when the platform is hot or cool before. But now I found a solution which is very easy to remove the coat.

Remove the platform off the printer. Then put the platform into water, but the platform should be submerged by water. After one or more hours, it is very easy to remove the coat with the shovel.

Calibrate the nozzle
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 18:04

The best position of the platform is 0.2mm below the nozzle.

For someone who just got his UP! printer, please calibrate the nozzle as per the uses manual. The first time for UP! operators calibrate the nozzle, they are free to raise the platform without height limit. Since the nozzle height in setup box is 0.

For the nozzle height which has been calibrated, there will be height limit next time, which is to avoid bumping when someone who raises the platform too fast. The value entered into TO box is at most 1mm more than the value in the setup. For example, if the nozzle height is 137, the maximum value can be entered into the TO box is 138. If the platform needed to raise higher, there will be a much bigger value entered into setup box, such as 137, 138and accordingly the highest the platform can reach is 138, 139

PP3DP Google Map
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 11:08

Check the PP3DP Google Map here, which is created by TeamTeamUSA too. Again many thanks to him for his creating of the map.

UPers are free to add their UP! printer there and share their approximate location of their UP! with the others. There are lots and lots of UP! arent on the map, lets work together to flag it all over the world. So where is your UP!?

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